Christopher Bramell will be representing England in the next Mr World fuinal and is training daily in his home city of Liverpool for the Ultimate male beauty contest

A keen sportsman, Chris has ran the 110m Hurdles for Liverpool and won the javelin contest aged 16. He also plays a good game of Golf!

Chris won the Mr England title at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry in August 2015 and has since enjoyed a photo shoot and a trip to Sri Lanka with Cinnamon Hotels and a whole wardrobe of clothing from his sponsor Envoy London along with being featured in national media as the boy who was scouted working on the tills at Aldi by a Mr England scout.


A keen sportsman, Chris would like to share his fitness tips to help men and womem of all ages GET IN TO SHAPE & now has 6 key points for gaining and maintaining a flat and ripped stomach!!!!!!! So what are you waiting for …. Get reading ! Chris says ; When starting in the gym you should always set goals, I always use the S.M.A.R.T theory because it actually works.

SMART means:

Specific: specific goals are more likely to be achieved than general goals.

Measurable: make sure that your goal is measurable so that you know that you are achieving your goal or not.

Attainable: make sure that when you have achieved your goal, WHICH YOU WILL, it is easy (ish) or can be attained.

Realistic: noneof us are super human so when setting goals we have to be realistic to what we can and cant do.

Time: Time is key, there should always be a time frame, a start and end. As “someday I will achieve that goal” doesn’t cut it. Having an end in your mind set will help you achieve the goal.

Water is the Key

A massive change that has to be done from the start is drinking lots and lots of water. People forget that one of the most important supplements for the body is FREE (H2O). Drinking 2 or more cups of water a day speeds your metabolism rate by 30% which will help you burn them fats off the body.
So get swapping those sugary drinks for water, as that sweet taste that you get from those sugary drinks can increase the release of insulin and slow down the fat burning process. Its is recommended that men should drink 120+ gallons and women should drink 90+ gallons, if you are not near this don’t throw yourself in the deep end gradually work up to this over a week or two so that your bladder can adjust accordingly. This will stop you from being dehydrated and stop you from suffering from: fatigue, lack of focus, energy levels being low.

Cut the SUGARS

A really bad habit I used to have was my love for sugary foods. However sugar is a huge NO NO if you want a flat/ shredded stomach. One way to burn fat is to keep your sugar intake really low, low as possible because sugar builds insulin levels which decreases your bodies chances of burning fat for fuel.
A bad habit that many people have is changing there bad foods like chocolate for fruit all though fruit is a healthier option a lot of fruit contains lots of sugars consuming to much of this even if their healthier sugars, can actually lead to weight gain!

Control Your Carb Intake

As you may know , too many carbs can be bad for losing weigh to many carbs can lead to, too much glucose which is a source of energy for the muscles however if glucose is not used this then is turned in to fat.
You do need to eat the right carbs and learn when to eat the carbs, recommended times to eat carbs is first thing in the morning, and before and after a gym work out. As carbs help fill out the muscles and also give you the energy to work much harder in the gym.
Some sources of carbs I use are Vegetables, fruit (no sugar added) oatmeal, oat bran, whole–‐grain cereals, whole–‐ grain breads/wraps/pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and popcorn. Use your hand as a measure you should never have more than a fist size of carbs each meal.

Fasted Cardio

When it comes down to getting and staying lean people try fasted cardio. This is cardio workout that I do 3 times a week to burn the fat from my body. One of my all time favorite cardio workouts for burning fat is sprints.   will go on a treading mill warm up with a slow jog, fast walk for 2 minutes and then up the speed to sprinting speed. I will then do 30 seconds on sprinting and 30 seconds rest for 15 minutes which as you can work out is only 15 sprints.
Then I finish off with a 3 minute walk at a gradient of 7. Also there are several other ways for intense cardio for example circuit training, doing sprints cycling and rowing and a key activity to burn fat is swimming using all the muscles in the body and taking the pressure off the joints. However this is not always as easy as said you need to put in the dedication to achieve them all time abs and flat stomachs.

Training in the gym.

A special tip, when training in the gym if you want those slick abs or that ironing board stomach make sure you dedicate your time to go to the gym. Its worked for me . Because a motto I use is “the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen” if you want that lean body you have to be in it to win it. You see many people training in different ways in the gym , people lifting heavy weights, people resting for long periods, people doing low reps on activities. The way I train is volume training. Gaining that shredded toned body you have to put the reps in. So for example one of my activities for abs consists of 80 reps in one set. However its a supper set so you have 3 different types of movement for the abdominals in one set. For example 30 straight leg raises, straight in to 30 bicycle crunches, straight in to 20 knee raises.  Achieving these high reps in each set will give you the chance to get lean and stay lean.

DONE FORGET EAT CLEAN AND TRAIN DIRTY!!!!!! Good luck with your fitness goals !

Chris xx